MarbleCards – Play To Earn Game

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MarbleCards – Play To Earn Game

MarbleCards make it possible to save digital memories as crypto collectibles. Any article, video or anything else you like that has a URL can be “marbled” into a crypto collectible card. These collectibles are called Marble cards.

MarbleCards are based on the ERC721 standard so every URL can only be marbled once. When you buy a Marble card, you can be sure that it is one of a kind. It’s yours to save, share or trade.

Every Marble card has a unique and beautiful pattern that is algorithmically generated at the time it is marbled. The pattern is influenced by the contents of the marbled web page. Anyone can create a Marble card but once it is created, it is available for everyone to bid on for a limited time, using a Dutch auction. If someone else buys the card in the auction, the one who initiated the auction is paid a share of that sale.

With MarbleCards, you can collect historic moments from the Internet, your favorite bands, movies or sport champions. Some cards might only be of interest to you, while others will be in high demand. You can collect memes and show that you discovered them early, before they spread all over the Internet. It’s up to you and the community to decide what is valuable.

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MarbleCards – Play To Earn Game

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Play-to-Earn (P2E) Gioco is a gaming concept that merges the traditional gaming experience with the potential for players to earn real-world value or in-game assets while playing. Specifically tailored to the Italian gaming community, P2E Gioco games implement a model where players are rewarded with cryptocurrencies, tokens, in-game items, or other forms of value for their time, skill, and achievements within the game.

The model is designed to enable Italian gamers to not only enjoy playing but also to earn rewards that hold real-world value. These games typically leverage blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to facilitate ownership and transfer of in-game assets or rewards, ensuring transparency and security within the gaming ecosystem.

P2E Gioco offers Italian gamers the opportunity to turn their gaming skills and time spent within a game into a source of income. By participating in these games, players can accumulate assets that they can trade or sell within the game’s marketplace or on external platforms for real-world money or other cryptocurrencies.

This gaming model has the potential to provide economic opportunities for Italian gamers, especially in regions where traditional employment might be limited. It’s a paradigm shift that transforms gaming from a leisure activity into a potential source of income, creating a unique blend between the world of gaming and the expanding realms of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For the ultimate and best play to earn games list, check our friends of