Frequently Asked Questions

First of welcome to our Play To Earn Games website. Its our pleasure to supply with game reviews of Play To Earn Games. Today, July 16th. 2022, our site just went live. In the next weeks you will notice many more updates in content and new features. So lets continue with some common \’Frequently Asked Questions\’ we sometimes get;

  1. What are play to earn games? Play to earn games, or P2E, are online games that let players earn rewards with real-world value by completing tasks, battling other players and progressing through various game levels. These rewards come in the form of in-game assets like crypto tokens, virtual land, as well as skins, weapons and other NFTs.
  2. And Blockchain gaming? Blockchain gaming gives players complete control over the digital assets they earn or gain through their participation in the games. Even if players pay real money for their digital assets in traditional games, they will lose access to them if the server is ever turned down.
  3. What are you offering on this site? Well, good question. We started with first game reviews of as much games as are out there. But also we have made an overview of game developers.
  4. Are you a community? In time yes. First things first. We are still adding more game reviews and gaming developers from the gaming industry. Once we have all of that, we want to create a games community that can help us with adding more information, give us tips on new games and developers, but also will rate the games, help us with comments, tutorials and upload video\’s of the games, like game trailers and gameplays.
  5. Is your site free of charge? Yes, and that will stay that way!
  6. Why should I register? Well, your call. If you register you can chat, interact with others in the community, but also some new features will be going live. Which ones? Soon will tell you, lets not make the competition wiser, shall we!?
  7. Are you looking for contributor, writers and so on? Yes, always on the lookout for gamers that can help. Don\’t forget we are gamers and we want to bring an awesome experience to other gamers. Help us in making sure the gaming community gets the right games, no scams, but good quality and entertaining. Where you can play AND earn. Where you will enjoy the game and tell others about your experiences.
  8. Can I help you promoting your website? Hell yes! You can share our game reviews, tell people via social media, run from door to door, yell in your street. Everything helps and we are eternally grateful!!
  9. Will you add more silly questions and update this page? For shizzle. We had to make a start with the FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, since one of our guys mentioned it is really important. So we will update this page with more questions and answers to explain why we want to create a gaming community that is looking out for gamers worldwide. Power to the gamers!

If you have tips, ideas, urgent questions or you want to help us, then fill out the form here and we will get back to you ASAP!