Best Web3 Gaming List 2024

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As the gaming landscape undergoes a radical transformation, the emergence of Web3 games has opened up a revolutionary realm where gaming and cryptocurrency converge. Gamers can embark on captivating virtual journeys while reaping tangible rewards in the form of real-world assets and crypto tokens. Whether you\’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the Web3 gaming universe, our comprehensive list is your compass to discover, comprehend, and immerse yourself in this captivating new world.

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Web3 Game List

Find all games in our game list. All Games List 2023-2024:

Crypto Realms War: Crypto Realms War offers players a challenging survival experience in the harsh realm of Rakazon. The game\’s backstory sets the stage for epic battles and strategic choices. Will you embrace ruthless tactics or seek a different path to survive in this unforgiving world? Dive into this gripping narrative and prepare for the inevitable second war in Rakazon.

The Solaverse: The Solaverse invites players into a captivating world where free-to-play meets exclusive NFT rewards. SOLA-STAR NFT holders gain access to unique in-game items and unlocks, enhancing their gaming experience. With an enticing blend of gameplay and NFT integration, The Solaverse offers an exciting journey for both casual and dedicated players.

Elf Matrix: Elf Matrix combines classic inspirations from CryptoKitties and Pokemon, offering players an immersive experience in an enigmatic alien world. Collect adorable elves, engage in battles, and earn crypto rewards. Additionally, the ability to own NFT land plots in Matrix adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to build their elven kingdoms and unlock rare resources.

Crypto Klash: CryptoKlash presents a colorful and bug-free BSC P2E game inspired by Clash Royale. With easy-to-play mechanics and a focus on BSC blockchain, CryptoKlash offers a seamless gaming experience. The inclusion of a Land system for passive income adds an extra layer of strategy and rewards for players.

Battle Derps: Battle Derps introduces players to a world of unique and collectible derps in a P2E multiplayer shooter game. With a diverse range of assets and rarity levels, players can assemble their derps and climb the leaderboard. This game promises exciting battles and the thrill of earning rewards with your one-of-a-kind derp.

Sailors World: Sailors World takes players on an exploratory journey on the WAX blockchain. Build ships, embark on voyages, hunt for treasure, and engage in thrilling pirate battles. With a focus on adventure and discovery, this NFT game offers an immersive and high-seas experience.

Office Land: Office Land lets you live your dream of becoming a business owner in the NFT-based digital world. Manage your office, hire NFT staff, and earn tokens by assigning tasks. The rarity of your staff affects your success rate, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay. Office Land offers a comprehensive Play-to-Earn experience with various features to explore.

Ancient Kingdom: Ancient Kingdom pioneers real-time martial arts gameplay on the blockchain platform. With its unique approach to gameplay, players can engage in thrilling battles and strategic combat in this innovative NFT game.

Exit Limbo: Exit Limbo is a visually innovative project that combines elements of nostalgic 80s and 90s-style gaming with modern innovations. As it lands on the WAX blockchain, it offers collectible NFTs, musical NFTs, and engaging storytelling. It\’s a unique blend of art, music, and gaming that\’s worth exploring.

Orbitau: Orbitau offers turn-based idle combat and socializing in a Norse Mythology-inspired world. Immerse yourself in the world of Gods and Sins as you engage in strategic battles and social interactions.

Jungle Road: Jungle Road takes players on a nostalgic journey while earning tokens through exploration and evolution. With its unique animal gods and captivating landscapes, this blockchain game promises fun and earning potential.

Stickman\’s Battleground: Stickman\’s Battleground offers a variety of game modes and a balanced tokenomics system, making it effortless to earn rewards. Dive into the uncomplicated gameplay and enjoy high-profit potential.

Chronofi: CHRONOFi blends 2D turn-based and 3D MMORPG elements in a Play-to-Earn adventure. Battle, collect, and build your robot while contributing to the CHRONOverse ecosystem. The game offers both skill-based gameplay and the opportunity to earn tokens.

Shibaku: Shibaku introduces players to a metaverse where they can play to win, own to win, and vote to win. The game promises diverse ways to engage and earn rewards, making it an exciting addition to the blockchain gaming space.

DeHorizon: DeHorizon sets the stage for intense battles between The Akademia Hall and the Shaharists camp. With its unique scoring system, players must strategize and work as a team to secure victory.

Arkarus: Arkarus combines NFT collectibles with strategic auto-battles. Build your roster of robots and engage in thrilling battles against other Seekers. The game offers a unique blend of strategy and NFT rewards.

Honor of Gods: Honor of Gods is a team-based strategy game where players choose from over 50 Gods to battle for supremacy. Engage in epic battles, secure kills, and destroy towers in this exciting blockchain-based strategy game.

The Hamster Game: The Hamster Game offers a trade-to-earn experience with NFTs, allowing players to earn tokens through sales and liquidity provision. With a vast array of NFT traits, it\’s a unique way to engage in the NFT market.

Eterland: Eterland presents an ambitious project that combines Click-to-Earn with MMORPG elements. Explore, craft, and earn $ETER as you delve into this evolving blockchain game.

Dracards: Dracards is a TCG NFT Play-to-Earn game that caters to collectors, players, and investors. With unique gameplay mechanics, collectible cards, and various ways to earn rewards, it offers a comprehensive card game experience.

PIRATERA: PIRATERA offers an adventure-filled game with intriguing gameplay, an immersive storyline, and unique game art. Players can earn tokens through battles and ecosystem contributions, making it a rewarding and engaging experience.

Evoverse: Evoverse is a turn-based blockchain game set in a futuristic universe where robots seek knowledge. Collect and organize data while navigating the vastness of the universe in this unique and thought-provoking game.

MetaElfLand: MetaElfLand is a blockchain gaming gem that merges turn-based RPG mechanics with esports innovation. With challenging PvE and competitive PvP modes, it offers a diverse gaming experience. The team behind it brings professionalism, unique mechanics, and solid blockchain technology to the table. Get ready to level up your NFTs and embark on a thrilling gaming adventure.

Dolia Cats: Dolia Cats brings cat-themed NFTs to life in a visually stunning metaverse. With endless possibilities and a tight-knit community, it\’s a playground for cat enthusiasts. Owning a Dolia Cat NFT not only unlocks exclusive powers but also immerses you in the vibrant Meowverse. Join the feline fun and explore a world where anything is possible.

Warrior Viking New Era: Step into the Viking world with Warrior Viking New Era, a captivating strategy and adventure game. Build your kingdom, assemble an army, and engage in epic battles. Whether you\’re a conqueror or a merchant, this game offers diverse gameplay and opportunities for alliances. Unleash your inner Viking and conquer the realms of Midgard.

Pixel Kings: Pixel Kings redefines tower defense games by adding play-to-earn mechanics. Defend your kingdom from menacing monsters, forge powerful units, and embark on an adventure in the virtual world. With NFT trading, stake benefits, and a thriving player community, Pixel Kings offers both entertainment and profit-making opportunities.

RobocockUWU: Robocock Ultra World Uprising takes an unconventional approach by transforming cockfighting into an NFT game. Battle with mechanical roosters and hens, train them, and compete against other players. It\’s a unique twist on NFT gaming that showcases creativity and innovation in the blockchain space.

FISTIANA: FISTIANA combines sports entertainment with Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements, creating an immersive gaming experience. Earn tokens and rewards by choosing your fighters and participating in events. It bridges the gap between sports and gaming, offering endless possibilities for players.

Cryptobots: Cryptobots is a groundbreaking game that merges collectible RPG and space grand strategy. With a deep game economy and a fully doxxed team, it\’s a promising project. Engage in arena battles, craft bots, command spaceships, and explore an expansive NFT-driven universe.

Tron Bull Lite: Tron Bull Lite offers NFT holders of the Tron Bull Club collection a play-to-earn experience. While currently PvE, it promises a transition to PvP mode in the future. The long-term vision of TronVerse as a full-blown open-world shooter adds excitement to the mix.

HyperWalk: Hyper Walk blends Game-Fi with real-life sports activities, promoting health, profit, and friendship. The project\’s practicality in integrating blockchain technology into daily life sets it apart from typical online games.

Ride2Earn: Ride2Earn combines web3 technology with cycling, encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Purchase virtual bicycles as NFTs, link them to real riding activities, and earn in-app tokens that can be cashed out or used in-app. It\’s a unique way to make fitness more rewarding.

Desert Farm Game: Desert Farm Game is an NFT game based on the Wax Blockchain. It introduces interesting mechanics like crafting cost increment and an inbuilt game exchange. With its focus on player engagement and tokenomics, it promises an exciting gaming experience.

CryptoSnowboard: CryptoSnowboard is a blockchain game that allows you to build and battle with crypto snowboards. The NFT-based gameplay adds a layer of ownership and tradability to in-game assets, offering a unique gaming experience with real money-earning potential.

Galaxy Fight Club: Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-brand, cross-platform PvP MOBA game that brings together avatars from various collections. It promises thrilling battles and the opportunity to win Ethereum and NFTs, creating a diverse and engaging gaming environment.

Shadow Ages: Shadow Ages draws inspiration from classic strategy games like Heroes of Might and Magic. It offers turn-based battles, epic monsters, and various gameplay modes. Whether you prefer MMO, PVE, or PVP, Shadow Ages has something for every strategy game enthusiast.

OrbCity: OrbCity, a decentralized LandFi Metaverse on the Klaytn Blockchain, offers an immersive virtual environment where users can generate tokens, farm, and upgrade districts. The interactive world and seamless blockchain integration make it an exciting project to watch.

BitCastleWar: BitCastleWar transports players to a medieval world with multiple races, dragons, and epic battles. Assemble heroes, build kingdoms, and engage in PvP and PvE activities. With the BCW Token and NFT trading, it offers a comprehensive gaming experience.

Tezotopia: Tezotopia combines yield farming NFTs with battles, allowing players to earn rewards and engage in epic battles. With cross-chain compatibility and an emphasis on player contribution, it\’s an exciting addition to the NFT gaming space.

Kingdom Clash: Kingdom Clash offers a revolutionary strategy-based web game with play-to-earn features. Mine resources, build kingdoms, and compete in battles to earn tokens and valuable NFTs. It\’s an opportunity to make history in a virtual universe powered by the WAX Blockchain.

NerdWorldWar: NerdWorldWar takes players on a global conquest adventure on the WAX blockchain. Choose avatars, build troops, and conquer territories in this immersive metaverse. It\’s a game that encourages strategic thinking and interaction with a vibrant community.

Duckie Land: Duckie Land invites players into a multiplatform metaverse where NFTs take the form of adorable ducks. Engage in skillful gameplay, contribute to the ecosystem, and earn rewards in this blockchain-powered world. It\’s a game that combines fun and profitability.

Antmons: Antmons offers a world of tiny insects with guilds, summonable creatures, and strategic battles. With various combat attributes and real-time competitions, it\’s an engaging blockchain-based game that provides endless entertainment.

DarkDAO: DarkDAO immerses players in a dark and robotic world where survival depends on joining the Dark Dao clan. Fight common enemies, collect Dark Dao Gold, and secure your place in this intelligent distribution algorithm-controlled game.

Pepo Paradise: Pepo Paradise introduces a cross-chain Petaverse with a unique \”FEED-TO-EARN\” mechanic. Breed and own virtual pets (PEPOs) that drop tokens and NFT rewards. It\’s a game that combines cute pets with blockchain rewards, creating an interactive and rewarding experience.

Chimeras – Chimeras is a unique blockchain game that offers a diverse range of gameplay activities, catering to different player preferences. Whether you\’re into farming, battling, creature breeding, trading, or land development, Chimeras has something for everyone. The game\’s foundation on CHIM cryptocurrencies adds depth to the in-game economy, ensuring that every activity is rewarding. The distinct player cohorts add an interesting social dynamic to the experience. Chimeras is a must-try for blockchain gaming enthusiasts looking for variety and strategic depth.

CryptoMonkeyEmpire – CryptoMonkey Empire combines the elements of MMO-RTS and cryptocurrency, creating a dynamic gaming experience. As you build your empire, collect resources, and raise an army, the inclusion of MonkeyCoin as a cryptocurrency resource adds a unique dimension to the game. The addition of a Battleground mode, where you can engage in Third Person Shooter battles, further enhances the gameplay. With cross-play compatibility and Unreal Engine 4, CryptoMonkey Empire offers an engaging and visually appealing gaming experience.

Ninja Game – Ninja Game, centered around the $NINJA token, offers a unique blend of crypto and gamification. It started as a meme token and evolved into a gamified experience. The airdrop distribution to early community members shows a commitment to community engagement. Ninja Game is an intriguing project for those interested in the convergence of cryptocurrencies and gaming.

Rhinos Finance – Rhinos Finance brings blockchain gaming to the world of digital pet breeding. The ability to earn income through breeding, training, battling, and trading digital pets, known as RINOs, is a captivating concept. The game\’s commitment to donating profits to wildlife protection organizations adds a noble dimension to its gameplay. If you\’re a fan of play-to-earn games and wildlife conservation, Rhinos Finance is worth exploring.

Non Fungible Drugs – Non Fungible Drugs takes players to the world of Pheebo, where producing, collecting, and selling Non Fungible Drugs is a primary resource. The game\’s unique territorial division and emphasis on specific types of NFDs offer a fresh and intriguing experience. If you\’re looking for a blockchain game with a distinct premise and economic focus, Non Fungible Drugs is worth diving into.

SpaceEx – SpaceEx combines exploration, base building, and blockchain technology in a promising play-to-earn game. Starting in the Home System and expanding to other sectors, players have the opportunity to establish their interstellar presence. The integration of blockchain and NFTs adds depth to the gameplay. SpaceEx offers both free and paid options, making it accessible to a wide range of players interested in space-themed games.

Clash of Coins – Clash of Coins introduces an interesting twist to the cryptocurrency debate by turning it into a browser-based map battle for crypto-domination. The game provides a unique platform for crypto enthusiasts to showcase their preferred coins. If you\’re interested in combining cryptocurrency discussions with strategy gaming, Clash of Coins is a fun and engaging choice.

OilWar – OilWar transports players back to the 19th-century North American oil boom, offering a simulation-based P2E experience. As a mayor, you\’ll balance town growth, oil extraction, and impending war. The game\’s unique historical inspiration and NFT-based assets make it an intriguing option for players seeking a mix of strategy and economic simulation.

BNB Arena – BNB ARENA offers a PVP & PVE fighting management simulator on the BSC Smart Chain. The game\’s approach to rewarding players and sustaining the rewards pool through multiple streams of inflow is an innovative concept. BNB ARENA provides both competitive gameplay and the potential for sustainable rewards, making it an attractive choice for blockchain gamers.

Soulofox – Tales of Soulofox immerses players in a rich game universe where they embark on a journey as Fox Warriors. The game combines battles, quests, and social interactions, making it a well-rounded gaming experience. With the opportunity to earn Soulocoin and valuable NFTs, Soulofox offers both entertainment and rewards for players.

Radikal Riders – Radikal Riders is an NFT game that blends daily missions, PVE, and PVP modes with quick and fearless Riders and unique recipes. The game\’s development on the Polygon network and compatibility with web3 Wallets like Metamask ensure accessibility. With plans for a Radikalia metaverse, Radikal Riders promises a self-sustainable gaming experience with future expansions.

BattleWave – BattleWave offers players the power to create enemy-crushing NFTs through Oracle Shards and starship upgrades. The game\’s emphasis on team coordination and powerful upgrades adds depth to the gameplay. With the potential for Mythic status and ultra-rare prize NFTs, BattleWave provides competitive and rewarding gaming experiences.

Junkineering – Junkineering combines RPG gameplay with NFT elements, offering a quality GameFi experience. The game\’s focus on collectible robot teams, battles, and in-game progress ensures an engaging player experience. With a strong token economy and NFT assets, Junkineering presents multiple opportunities for player earnings and progression.

CryptoXSeed – Crypto X-Seed introduces a next-generation Play to Earn Universe with distinct Game Universes. The game\’s focus on minimizing player loss on investment sets it apart in the Play-to-Earn space. With a realism-inspired economic model and real-world scenarios, Crypto X-Seed aims to revolutionize GameFi and provide a unique gaming experience.

Heroes Lineage – Heroes Lineage is a medieval fantasy NFT game that offers strategic combat and group multiplayer content. The game\’s innovative ecosystem allows both gamers and investors to participate significantly. Whether you prefer group challenges or marketplace trading, Heroes Lineage offers diverse gameplay and rewards.

AncientRaid – AncientRaid immerses players in battles against Demon Hordes, offering rewards through defeating demons, trading NFTs, and special event NFTs. The game\’s strategy and thousands of potential outcomes ensure a dynamic gaming experience. With RAID token rewards and staking options, AncientRaid offers various avenues for player earnings.

UrbanSpace – UrbanSpace combines city building and resource management on the WAX blockchain, providing a Play-to-Earn experience. The game\’s NFT collection and tokenized economy offer opportunities for players to control the market and strategize for earnings. UrbanSpace appeals to both city-building enthusiasts and blockchain gamers.

Bourbon-n-Blockchain – BnBS is an NFT club that tokenizes club memberships, creating a Utility-based NFT. The project aims to reward members, provide access to club products and services, and foster community engagement. BnBS represents a unique approach to NFTs in the context of club memberships.

CycGo – CycGo combines lifestyle and gaming elements by rewarding users for physical activity through NFT-equipped bicycles. The game\’s focus on promoting a healthier lifestyle, combating climate change, and connecting with Web 3.0 makes it an innovative concept in the Play-to-Earn space.

Far From Home – Far From Home is an upcoming space-based DeFi metaverse game on the WAX blockchain. While details are limited, the promise of an expanding universe and open-world multiplayer gameplay is intriguing for blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

Space Doggie – Space Doggie offers a Web2.5 platform with a blend of encryption, equality, and the potential to change destinies in the metaverse. With opportunities for multiplayer fights, Elom breeding, mining, and social games, Space Doggie provides a multifaceted gaming experience.

Neo Fantasy – Neo Fantasy is an ACGN IDLE RPG game that integrates NFT and DeFi elements into gameplay. Players can collect and train NFT heroes to combat Ancient Demons, offering rich rewards and strategic depth. Neo Fantasy is a must-try for ACGN enthusiasts and blockchain gamers.

TypingBears – TypingBears serves as a precursor to the Web3Captcha protocol, offering users a novel typing speed game that rewards them with $TYPN tokens. The project represents a unique approach to marketing in the Web3 space, providing initial liquidity to reward tokens through gameplay.

WorldCrash – WorldCrash is a P2E game set in a post-apocalyptic world on the WAX blockchain. Survive in underground shelters, exchange resources, and explore the world to build your empire. WorldCrash offers a unique take on survival and resource management in a blockchain game.

World Bet Club – World Bet Club introduces a BSC-based NFT football betting game with real-time Defi betting and rewards for players. The referral program and partnerships add depth to the gaming experience. World Bet Club aims to bring football enthusiasts and blockchain together.

Cens World – Cens World offers a fascinating blend of blockchain technology and real-world simulation. With its tightly regulated economy and innovative in-game bank system, it provides players with unique financial opportunities. If you\’re intrigued by the potential of blockchain gaming, this one\’s worth exploring.

Chain Joes – Chain Joes takes mobile gaming to the next level with its isometric action shooter. The play-and-earn model, along with a creative concept of battling digital villains, sets it apart. Whether you\’re into PVP or PVE, this game offers exciting experiences for all.

Kingdom Quest – In Kingdom Quest, you\’ll lead a group of heroes on an epic journey to protect the kingdom from dark forces. The game\’s mix of mazes, puzzles, and treasure hunting promises hours of adventurous fun. Don\’t miss the competitive arena where you can prove your hero\’s worth.

MetaToyCity – MetaToyCity transports you to a pixelated world of toys turned monsters, offering Guild-fi and play-to-earn multiplayer RPG action. Powered by NFTs and tokens, it offers an engaging gaming experience and true ownership of in-game assets. Dive into the adventure and help restore the city\’s vibrancy.

Fulbo Galaxy – Fulbo Galaxy brings football and blockchain together for an exciting gaming experience. Whether you prefer AI battles or testing your skills against other players, the game offers a unique twist on the beloved sport.

Coltis Universe – Coltis Universe promises an immersive multiplayer experience with various game modes and rewards. Set in interactive maps, it offers a competitive edge with both Non-NFT and NFT items, ensuring a thrilling gaming sensation for all.

Xportify | AR Fitness 3.0 – Xportify combines fitness and gaming in a Web3 environment, making exercise enjoyable and rewarding. With AR motion games, PVP battles, and fitness coaching, it\’s an innovative way to stay healthy while having fun.

PolyLand – PolyLand invites players to explore multiple worlds with stunning 3D graphics on the Polygon blockchain. With different gaming styles, it offers an enticing metaverse for players to immerse themselves in.

SYLTARE – SYLTARE is a TCG that challenges your strategic prowess. Engage in battles, defeat enemies, and earn rewards based on your strategy. With various card-based game modes, it\’s an exciting game for fans of strategic gameplay.

NBOX – NBOX\’s \”Super Hero\” game combines competitiveness, adventure, guilds, and automated mining. With multiple ways to earn and a strong emphasis on strategy, it offers a promising gaming experience with alpha testing underway.

META ARENA – META ARENA stands out with its P2E gameplay, Metaverse integration, and NFT elements. Collect avatars, engage in KLAYMETA games, and earn rewards while contributing to the ecosystem\’s growth.

Galaxy Fight Club – Galaxy Fight Club offers real-time PvP MOBA action, where avatars from different collections battle it out. With an exciting blend of characters, it promises intense and fun battles.

Fishing Lands – Fishing Lands introduces a play-to-earn format where players manage resources and engage in fishing adventures. The game\’s economic system ensures opportunities for active investors and participants.

All Day – All Day provides a diverse range of games and activities, making it a versatile gaming hub with opportunities to win rewards. Whether you\’re into party games or turn-based RPGs, there\’s something for everyone.

The Next World – The Next World offers a high-quality Battle Royale experience with various earning mechanisms. Whether you prefer shooting and earning or watching and earning, it aims to cater to a broad audience.

Umbrella Project – Umbrella Project presents a survival vs. biological dangers narrative where players can choose their path and have fun earning rewards. It\’s an intriguing blend of strategy and survival.

Heroland – Heroland combines blockchain technology with mobile strategy gaming. With its focus on fairness and asset safety, it offers an engaging experience for players of all backgrounds.

ElementX – ElementX promises fast-paced PvE & PvP combat in an NFT-based RPG. With stunning landscapes and rich content, it\’s a game to watch out for.

Rise of Defenders – Rise of Defenders introduces a Metaverse game where players build bases, recruit troops, and interact with others worldwide. It\’s a promising start to an immersive gaming experience.

Nest Arcade – Nest Arcade serves as a hub for play-to-earn games and meta NFT collections on the Solana blockchain. If you\’re looking for a variety of casual games to earn crypto, it\’s a solid choice.

Monstropoly – Monstropoly offers casual shooting gameplay with a variety of ways to earn rewards, catering to different playstyles. Its NFT-based skins add a collector\’s dimension to the experience.

MetaNations – MetaNations is a multiplayer strategy game with a decentralized economy, offering opportunities to own land and profit. It\’s an engaging platform for strategy enthusiasts.

Real Realm – Real Realm combines blockchain technology with relentless battles, allowing players to create unique NFT-based armies. Dive into battles and earn substantial rewards in this captivating world.

Rogue West: Crypto TCG – Rogue West offers an alternative Wild West experience with NFT cards and limited collectibles. Explore this digital TCG and build a unique deck to compete with others.

DogeVille Pack – DogeVille introduces a unique gaming metaverse with NFT characters and a thrilling car race mini-game. Experience high-speed chases and more in preparation for the main gameplay release.

MetaCraftGame: MetaCraftGame takes you on a thrilling adventure in a fantasy world filled with magic, treasure, and mysterious skies. The emergence of Skycity brings both excitement and danger as adventurers seek riches and confront formidable foes. With NFT characters, you\’ll create your unique path in this captivating realm.

Survive: SURVIVE is a game-changer in the metaverse, blending the best of GTA 5 with a stunning open-world experience. Developed by a Swiss team of industry veterans, it offers unparalleled visuals and immersive gameplay. The best part? You can play for free and earn real money.

WEB3WAR: Enter the competitive world of WEB3WAR, a futuristic shooter powered by blockchain technology. Set in the year 2092, you\’ll battle it out in the virtual battleground of Future City, where skill and courage are the keys to fame and fortune. Are you ready to prove your mettle?

OpenBlox: OpenBlox invites you to a world of adventure where you can hunt, collect, breed, battle, and explore to your heart\’s content. Dive into this magical land and embark on a journey like no other.

Battle Enforcer: In the year 2222, civilization has evolved, and former creations now demand their independence. Will you rise to enforce a new rule of succession? Engage in legendary battles, seize freedom, and secure power in this thrilling world.

PolkaPets: PolkaPets brings the Polkadot ecosystem to life in a digital collectible card game. Each PolkaPet represents a unique Polkadot project, offering players an interactive and immersive experience. Discover the strengths and abilities tied to these artistic creatures.

Moniwar (MOWA): Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with a twist, incorporating DeFi elements to entertain players while providing sustainable income opportunities. Immerse yourself in a new gaming experience that combines entertainment and earnings.

PixerEternity: PixerEternity is not just a sports community; it\’s a movement that bridges NFTs, sports, and wellness. Join the Sport-to-Earn revolution, promote a healthier lifestyle, and engage with Web 3.0 content while earning rewards.

Dino Land: Dino Land is a delightful NFT game where you\’ll encounter charming dinosaurs and embark on a journey to protect their land from menacing monsters. Explore and get rich while having a blast with these lovable creatures.

Chibidango Heroes: Chibidango Heroes is a Play-to-Earn Idle Hero game on the Cardano Blockchain. Collect and empower your Chibidango Heroes as you embark on adventures, build your Dango Village, and compete in the arena for rewards and glory.

Untitled Platformer: Untitled takes you on a retro adventure with real-time multiplayer action. Explore 32-Bit worlds, earn rewards by staying active, and experience thrilling gameplay with dynamic elements. Dive into a fun and accessible blockchain gaming experience.

Overborne: Humanity\’s last hope lies in the Demontech-powered Hollows, synthetic androids forged from the remains of upper demons. Lead your forces in a one-sided war against demonic beings and harness the power of Demontech in this epic battle for survival.

Dungeons & Degens: Immerse yourself in the world of Dungeons & Degens, where wagering and RPG progression combine for an exciting experience. Earn XP points, explore dungeons, and collect Solana Loot NFTs while enjoying this unique blend of gameplay.

YetiCoin: YetiCoin is more than crypto; it\’s a movement promoting healthy lifestyles and community engagement. Connect your passion for sports and fitness with the crypto world and help build a stronger crypto community.

Owloper: Owloper is a community-focused gaming project that combines NFTs and upgradeable NFTs. Dive into the world of nocturnal owls and join a community that embraces change and innovation.

cryptomonKeys: cryptomonKeys offers a meme-rich digital trading card series based on NFT technology. Join the community, collect unique cards, and participate in the crypto-card revolution initiated by BANANO enthusiasts.

Pixel Pix: Pixel Pix lets you create, fight, and trade living PIXIES in the crypto world. Start with a single pixel, unleash your creativity, and engage in battles, or peacefully inhabit the PIXELVERSE. Play, create, and earn in this 8-bit crypto wonderland.

MetaRace: MetaRace merges the virtual and real worlds of horse racing in a Metaverse competitive game. Race NFT racehorses, breed, trade, and experience the excitement of futuristic virtual reality horse racing with a play-to-earn feature.

ULTERA online: ULTERA online takes you on a coding adventure in the Crypto-World of Ultera. Dive into a world beyond imagination, explore technology, and uncover the secrets of this unique digital realm.

Everdragons2: Everdragons2 continues the legacy of the Everdragons universe, offering dragon NFTs for an upcoming play-to-earn game called Origins. Fly into the crypto-metaverse on your dragon NFT and prepare for epic battles and adventures.

Marble.Cards: MarbleCards lets you turn digital memories into crypto collectibles. Transform articles, videos, or any online content into unique Marble cards. Collect historic moments from the internet and participate in the crypto-collectible revolution.

DOSE: DOSE offers a thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure in the year 2272. The game\’s vivid depiction of a scorched Earth and its ramshackle Dustlands setting creates an immersive atmosphere. Players will appreciate the scarcity of resources and the constant need for survival. Racing for resources and uncovering secrets of the Dustland adds excitement to the gameplay. Dive into this captivating world and save the future!

Drawshop Kingdom: Drawshop Kingdom Reverse combines the world of NFTs and P2E gaming seamlessly. The ability to create NFT draw-machines and engage in Land Festivals with global users is a unique feature. The strategic operation of your land adds depth to the gameplay, while the 2D dotted Art Galleries allow for creative expression. With a team of experienced developers, this game promises an engaging experience for blockchain enthusiasts.

Vestria the Last Order: Vestria the Last Order presents a dynamic combat experience set in a post-war world. The chain-combo battle system and boss raids keep the gameplay exciting. Players can look forward to intense real-time PvP battles and engaging content. Dive into this action-packed world and prove your skills in combat.

Galaxy Fight Club: Galaxy Fight Club takes PvP MOBA gaming to a whole new level by bringing together avatars from various collections. Similar to Super Smash Bros, the game offers exciting battles between characters from different IPs. The inclusion of Ethereum and NFT rewards adds a unique twist. Get ready for epic intergalactic showdowns!

Soul Splicers: Soul Splicers offers a unique P2E experience with roguevania action and blockchain integration. Upgrading NFTs through dungeon exploration and boss battles adds depth to the gameplay. The ability to create and upgrade abominations for other players\’ dungeons adds a competitive edge. Dive into this dark and challenging world and prove your skills.

Fear Museum: Fear Museum immerses players in a metaverse filled with surreal and creepy experiences. The exploration of eerie environments and encounters with scary creatures make for an engaging horror adventure. If you enjoy spine-tingling adventures, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat.

MAD COCK: MAD COCK delivers a unique and hilarious concept with chickens affected by narcotics. The fight for survival against MAD COCKS on an abandoned rooftop is both entertaining and challenging. The ability to upgrade weapons and character enhancements through an eco-system token system adds depth to the gameplay. Get ready for an addictive battle for survival!

The Crypt: The Crypt offers a dark and intriguing premise where players manage a crypt, harvesting souls and tormenting humans. The game\’s focus on the sinister side of the supernatural creates a unique gaming experience. If you\’re into dark and mysterious themes, this game is worth exploring.

Fear Dungeons: Fear Dungeons extends the horror experience from Fear Museum by allowing players to become Dungeon Keepers. The ownership of NFT land and the mastery of trades/crafts add strategic depth. If you enjoy horror adventures with management elements, this game offers a unique twist.

Clucking Hell: Clucking Hell combines fast-paced shooting with farm creatures in a layered and challenging gameplay experience. Managing multiple tasks while protecting your farmland from undead creatures adds an element of strategy. If you\’re looking for a unique shooting game with a twist, Clucking Hell is worth a try.

The Mars: Metaverse Project: The Mars: Metaverse Project introduces a promising metaverse platform where users can own and build on land with NFTs. The Play-to-Earn model and the integration of Mars Token offer financial incentives for players. As it aims to connect various aspects of the blockchain ecosystem, this project holds potential for a rich and immersive metaverse.

Super Crypto Battle: Super Crypto Battle promises an engaging Battle Royale Arena experience with upgradable NFTs and a Play-to-Earn model. The inclusion of crypto rewards adds an extra layer of excitement. If you\’re a fan of Battle Royale games and crypto, keep an eye out for this one.

Chaincade: Chaincade revolutionizes the arcade experience with its blockchain ecosystem, benefiting players, creators, and investors alike. As it unfolds, it has the potential to reshape the future of arcades. Join the arcade revolution and explore what Chaincade has to offer.

Blockchain Brawlers: Blockchain Brawlers introduces a collection of entertaining NFTs with unique personalities and costumes. The promise of P2E gameplay where these NFTs wrestle for supremacy adds excitement. Collecting these NFTs may lead to fortune and fame in the upcoming game. Get ready to grapple your way to the top!

Gangsta Mice City: Gangsta Mice City combines NFTs, immersive storytelling, and MMO real-time strategy gameplay. The choice of joining one of the three ruling gangs adds depth to the experience. As you conquer districts in the MMO RTS game, you\’ll become an integral part of a community. Choose your gang wisely!

beFITTER: beFITTER blends fitness and social elements in a Web3 ecosystem. The unique concept of earning rewards for daily activities, including exercise and rest, sets it apart. NFT Shoes and NFT Pets add a creative twist to the fitness journey. If you\’re looking for a fun way to stay active and earn rewards, give beFITTER a try.

Highrise: Highrise offers a vast selection of items for personalization, allowing players to express themselves through virtual avatars. The interactive virtual rooms for hanging out with friends and designing your clothing line add depth to the experience. If you enjoy creative expression and social interaction, Highrise is a great choice.

Galaxy War: Galaxy War combines DeFi and NFTs in a space strategy game where players compete for control of the universe. The economic and military aspects, along with alliances and trading, create a dynamic gameplay environment. If you\’re a fan of space strategy games with blockchain elements, Galaxy War is worth exploring.

ULAND: ULAND introduces a unique NFT project where players can own real-world geographic locations. The potential for earning rewards through land ownership and the $ULAND token adds a financial incentive. This community-driven project offers a novel way to engage with blockchain technology. Become a ULANDER and rule your territory!

Hydraverse: Hydraverse brings dragon racing to the metaverse with a Play-to-Earn model. The concept of hatching and racing unique dragons, along with the option to rent them, adds excitement. Whether you\’re a dragon enthusiast or a racing fan, Hydraverse offers a thrilling experience.

MonstaClan: MonstaClan introduces a virtual monsters NFT game with mechanics like buying, selling, and creating monsters. The Monster Laboratory and Monster Potions add depth to the gameplay. If you\’re into NFT games with monster-themed mechanics, this one offers a unique experience.

Arker: Arker: The Legend of Ohm offers a diverse gaming experience with character selection, pets, PVP and PVE battles, and guild wars. The game\’s economic mechanisms ensure a beneficial experience for players. Dive into the world of Ohm and explore the exciting opportunities for personalization and cooperation.

LiteBringer: LiteBringer is a groundbreaking RPG that fully embraces the blockchain. This decentralized game allows you to level up fantasy characters, trade with fellow players, and even earn real money. Dive into an imaginative world, upgrade your heroes, and take on epic quests and bosses. LiteBringer\’s unique use of Litecoin blockchain gives players unprecedented control over their gaming experience.

Impostor Academy: Impostor Academy showcases the power of YagaSDK, a web3 mobile gaming infrastructure for web2 studios. With a successful track record in the mobile gaming industry, this SDK simplifies blockchain integration and NFT collections. Impostor Academy, with over 10 million downloads, demonstrates the potential of this robust SDK.

EVAVERSE: EVAVERSE offers a delightful social immersion platform for friends to connect and enjoy mini-games in a digital world. Create and host your own servers, meet new friends, and explore a casual and fun digital environment together.

0xWarriors: 0xWarriors is an engaging multiplayer RPG where you manage squads of warriors with unique weapons and armor. Customize your warriors and gear up for epic battles. With the ability to trade in-game items, it\’s not just about combat but also about profiting from your strategic choices.

Dissolution: Dissolution is a captivating free-to-play FPS set in a universe plagued by rogue AI. Team up with friends to compete for resources and territory in intense PvP and PvE battles with real-world stakes, all supported by blockchain technology. Dissolution aims to create a living MMORPG with a realistic blockchain-backed economy.

War of Crypta: War of Crypta introduces blockchain-integrated heroes in a 3D mobile game. Collect over 100 unique heroes, level them up, and evolve their skills to create a formidable squad. The game offers a mix of strategy and real-time battles, with a focus on ensuring the value of in-game assets through crypto-infused technology.

Diggers World: Diggers World invites you to explore a post-apocalyptic world where survivors mine valuable resources underground. Choose your mining style, whether it\’s safe or risky, and work hard using various tools. Make daring choices to build your legacy and fame in this mining adventure.

Chibis Global: Chibis Global is a charming cross-platform JRPG with a kawaii twist. Dive into a fantasy world, collect adorable chibi characters, and embark on exciting adventures. The game aims to offer both fun gameplay and trading opportunities for valuable pets. focuses on making your virtual pets valuable and in-demand. Engage in pet trading and discover the keys to success in this unique game that combines pet care and economics.

XPet: XPet introduces a game value storage pet on EOS, extending the world of XPET (Monster World). Collect, level up, and evolve your pets, allowing them to shine in epic battles. This game adds a new dimension to pet-focused gameplay with blockchain integration.

Trantorian: Trantorian offers a multifaceted gaming experience, combining 3D space exploration, battles, economic elements, and civilization development. It\’s a blockchain-based game set in a persistent metaverse, blending RPG and 4X gameplay to create a truly unique gaming adventure.

Obots: Obots presents a play-to-earn concept, allowing you to profit from 1v1 armed duels against online opponents. Engage in thrilling battles and aim to defeat your adversaries in this competitive fighting game.

Meka Apes: Meka Apes offers diverse factions and third-person shooter gameplay. Choose your faction and embark on adventures in this action-packed world. Explore themes of purpose and belonging as you take control of these powerful Mekas.

MEDland: MEDLAND MAYHEM combines elements of MOBA and multiplayer battles, where players compete to win tokens from their opponents. Progress through battles, defeat enemies, and strategize to secure victory in dynamic environments.

Mechachain: Mechachain introduces 3D play-to-earn robot combat in a world of mechas. Assemble NFT-based robot parts, engage in PvP battles, and earn Mechanium to enhance your mecha. This game focuses on community involvement and continuous development.

Saltmarble: Saltmarble brings together characters from various multiverses in an exploration adventure. Uncover the secrets of the mysterious Saltmarble planet, fight, and cooperate with other META EXPLORERS in this intriguing crossover.

A.N.I.M.O.: ANIMO STARS ARENA offers fast-paced multiplayer shooter action in the ANIMO Universe. Customize your mechs, engage in online mayhem, and show off your skills in dynamic game modes. This game combines strategy and combat in a futuristic setting.

Your Earth Dao: Your Earth Dao introduces the Acent blockchain, designed for high-performance decentralized web applications. It offers innovative tools for meta-application deployment and incentivizes user activities. Developers can create meta-applications without coding in solidity, making it an attractive option for blockchain ecosystems.

Everseed: Everseed invites players into a wondrous world of enchanted flora and fauna. Explore the overgrowth and collect rare seedlings in this adventurous game.

AMAKUNI – The Metaverse: AMAKUNI immerses players in the fantasy world of Aepiran, where they craft gear, slay monsters, and trade with others. Dive into dungeons, upgrade equipment, and become a master blacksmith in this fantasy RPG.

SuperRacer: SuperRacer is a premier racing league in the Metaverse, developed by experienced game studio Little Guy Games. With over 12 years of game development expertise, this game promises thrilling racing action.

VOID: VOID aims to bridge the gap between innovative gaming and gamers by offering an AAA-grade gaming experience with blockchain-powered assets and economics. It encourages both PvE and PvP gameplay and emphasizes player customization and narrative control.

Win NFT Horse: Win NFT Horse is a revolutionary GameFi project that combines NFTs and DeFi. Players can breed, race, collect, and trade horses while earning token rewards. It introduces a new paradigm of play-to-earn gaming and has the potential to redefine the GameFi industry.

Galaxy Fight Club: Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) offers an exciting twist on the MOBA genre by bringing together avatars from various collections onto one platform. It\’s like the Super Smash Bros of the blockchain world, allowing you to pit characters from different IPs against each other. With the added incentive of earning Ethereum and NFTs, GFC offers a unique and engaging PvP experience.

My Crypto City: My Crypto City is a captivating simulation game set in outer space. Build and manage your space city, explore various areas, and earn MYCTY tokens even when you\’re offline. The game offers a deep city management experience with a player-driven economy, making it an engaging choice for fans of strategy and resource management games.

Candy Pop Duel: Candy Pop Duel combines skill-based gameplay with the thrill of 1-on-1 Match-3 battles, offering players a chance to win EOS prizes. If you enjoy competitive puzzle games, this one is worth a try for its high-quality gameplay and the potential to earn rewards.

Rabona: Rabona puts you in control of your own soccer club, offering a comprehensive experience where you can scout, train, trade players, and even expand your stadium. It\’s a must-play for soccer fans looking to immerse themselves in the world of club management and competition.

TNT: TNT, which stands for Treasures and Trophies, offers a diverse collection of hyper-casual games on a single platform. With popular titles like Swipe Brick Breaker, TNT brings together a global fanbase and promises hours of fun and the chance to earn exciting rewards.

Puzzle Hunters: Puzzle Hunters combines puzzles and battles with blockchain NFT technology. Defend against constant attacks from enemies to earn rewards, and enjoy various game modes and real-time rewards. If you\’re looking for an NFT game with a unique twist, Puzzle Hunters is a great choice.

Tales from the Wild: Tales From The Wild aims to be a transmedia franchise in the web3 space, offering a unique blend of blockchain technology, storytelling, and interactive experiences. With a strong team and a focus on community engagement, this project has the potential to become a cultural phenomenon.

Clash of Streamers: Clash of Streamers stands out as a user-friendly and advanced NFT and blockchain-integrated mobile game. Its innovative approach to the gacha formula, stunning visuals, and Ethereum blockchain integration make it a top choice for RPG enthusiasts.

Dungeon Universe: Dungeon Universe offers multiplayer action RPG gameplay with valuable NFT rewards. Embark on epic journeys, discover treasures, and choose your path to profit in this player-driven economy. Whether you prefer trading or slaying monsters, Dungeon Universe offers a dynamic gaming experience.

Metaverse Office – A Game of Stonks: Metaverse Office offers a unique blend of NFT summoning, decoration, and pet interactions. With features like an in-game mining simulator, alpha hodler drops, and more, it\’s a game that combines creativity and strategy for players in the blockchain space.

Battle Racers: Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game that lets you build and customize model cars to compete in thrilling races. The blockchain integration allows you to tokenize your prized cars and earn exclusive rewards, making it a thrilling choice for both racing and NFT enthusiasts.

Knight Story: Knight Story combines goblin battles, item crafting, tower defense, and village building into one engaging package. If you\’re a fan of multiple gaming genres, this game offers a diverse and entertaining experience.

Cryptonom: Cryptonom is a blockchain-based digital creature ecosystem where you can collect, level up, evolve, and battle with your unique NFT creatures. With a focus on strategy and NFT ownership, Cryptonom provides an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

CHOJO CryptoGirlsArena: Anime Fighting Girls on Ethereum – a unique concept for fans of both anime and blockchain gaming. Engage in intense battles and compete to be the last fighter standing.

CryptoDozer: CryptoDozer brings coin and doll collecting to the blockchain. Collect and enhance NFT DozerDolls, trade them, and enjoy cross-game fun. It\’s a game that combines collecting, strategy, and blockchain technology for a unique gaming experience.

Neon District: Neon District offers a cyberpunk role-playing adventure with blockchain-backed NFT items. Explore a dystopian world, collect unique gear, and trade with the community. It\’s a must-play for fans of cyberpunk aesthetics and NFT enthusiasts.

EOS Knights: EOS Knights is a pioneering mobile game that runs on the EOS blockchain, offering a new gaming experience in the blockchain space.

MetaSoul: Meta-Soul is a puzzle RPG platform with a captivating backstory set in AD 2099. Collect, grow, and strategize with your heroes, and earn rewards as you play. The combination of puzzle mechanics and NFT elements makes it a game worth exploring.

Dine Together: Dine Together combines restaurant management and interior decoration in a blockchain-powered game. Play, decorate, and trade NFTs with other players, making it a unique \”Play and Earn\” experience for food lovers and NFT collectors.

Shiba Meta War: Shiba Meta War is a blockchain game inspired by the Shiba Inu coin on the Binance Smart Chain. Engage in battles using Shiba Heroes to earn SHM tokens, offering a fun way to interact with cryptocurrency.

Blocklete Golf: Blocklete Golf introduces a blockchain-based twist to online golf, allowing players to own and trade their golfers. It\’s a game where you have true ownership of your in-game assets.

CryptoServal: CryptoServal is a unique game centered around breedable, collectible creatures. Each CryptoServal is one-of-a-kind and truly owned by the player, making it a standout in the blockchain gaming world.

StarLink: StarLink offers a community-owned virtual space project where you can buy, sell, and trade virtual assets while exploring the solar system. The possibilities are limitless in this decentralized virtual world.

Satoshi Monsters: Satoshi Monsters combines tower defense and blockchain technology in an exciting game set in the world of NewHera. Defend against enemy hordes and strategize with over 100 types of towers and abilities, all while enjoying the benefits of blockchain integration.

STEP: STEP is a groundbreaking fitness application that turns your daily walks into a rewarding experience. By combining exercise with cryptocurrency earnings, it motivates you to stay active and healthy. Whether you\’re indoors or outdoors, STEP encourages you to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Bobos of War: Bobos of War takes NFT gaming to the next level by merging NFTs with GameFi on the Solana Blockchain. This immersive metaverse offers a rich gaming experience with PvP and PvE elements, allowing players to earn $BOW tokens in various ways. Beyond the valuable NFT collection, Bobos of War lets you explore a vast metaverse, engage in battles, play mini-games, and even stake your Bobos for additional rewards. It\’s a fun and diverse gaming ecosystem.

MeetsMeta: MeetsMeta is an innovative addition to the Meets App, offering users an immersive metaverse experience. This social network metaverse is built on NFT Worlds, providing a unique space for conversations, games, exclusive parties, concerts, and customized interactions. It\’s a promising step toward creating a more complex and Web 3.0 metaverse project accessible to the general public.

Metroverse: Metroverse invites players to collect city blocks and build neighborhoods, generating MET tokens as in-game currency. This strategic game encourages players to expand their holdings strategically, enhancing their virtual wealth and influence within the game\’s economy. Metroverse provides a rewarding city-building experience.

Force of Nature: Force of Nature takes everyday objects and transforms them into a playful, character-driven P2E ecosystem. Similar to the mobile hit Angry Birds, this game lets you embody fruits and vegetables. With its unique approach, Force of Nature offers a refreshing and engaging gaming experience.

Apocalypse: Apocalypse brings Play-To-Earn NFT gaming to the Binance Smart Chain, allowing players to recruit heroes, craft weapons, and fight mobsters to earn BUSD. With a fully web-based NFT game and various gameplay elements, Apocalypse promises rewarding adventures in a post-apocalyptic world.

Pizza Game: Inspired by the nostalgia of Cookie Clicker, Pizza Game brings a beloved childhood game to the AVAX blockchain. It\’s a delightful and addictive experience where you can indulge in your favorite pastime.

Spark Era: Echo to Universe: Spark Era offers a captivating global metaverse game set in the interstellar realm. With GameFi construction and NFT game assets, it presents players with a vast universe to explore, complete with starships, galaxies, and procedurally generated planets. In Spark Era, you shape the destiny of the universe through your choices.

TaleCraft: TaleCraft is a unique PVP play-to-earn card game driven by a mint and craft mechanic. By acquiring elemental base cards and participating in weekly sales, players can grow more powerful and earn AVAX yield. The game rewards skill and loyalty with a dynamic gameplay experience.

Wizardium: Wizardium offers an NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain network, combining unique gaming mechanics and custom smart contracts. From minting heroes to farming tokens and trading in-game items, Wizardium is where magic truly comes to life.

Force Cow Boy: Force Cow Boy is a P2E game on the Binance Smart Chain, blending Sci-fi elements with NFT character minting, battles, guilds, and tournaments. It provides a dynamic and competitive gaming ecosystem.

Killa Koliseum: Killa Koliseum offers a competitive game where strategic decision-making is key. With unique NFT tokens representing your Killas, you can engage in 1v1 battles in an arena for all to witness. The smart contract ensures diverse character classes and attributes, making every battle exciting.

Wrath Of Tezca: Wrath of Tezca is an Aztec-inspired fantasy NFT game on the wax blockchain. With troops, worker placement, resource gathering, and tactical combat, it offers a rich gaming experience set in a detailed Mesoamerican world.

Plant2Earn: Plant2Earn combines planting, battling Youkai, collecting solar energy, and earning P2E tokens in a unique gaming experience. It\’s a game that merges strategy and resource management with blockchain technology.

ZOO Crypto World: ZOO Crypto World is a GameFi metaverse that combines DeFi with GameFi. It offers battles, staking pools, and action-packed fights against mega bosses, promising a thrilling gaming experience.

Coin Pirates: Coin Pirates is a blockchain pirate game where you can trade NFTs, earn gold, and embark on exciting adventures. The world is based on a real-world map, and hidden treasures await as you sail the seven seas.

DeNations: DeNations is a blockchain-powered metaverse where you can build and manage nations, cities, and civilizations. It offers a unique interaction between the virtual and real worlds, making nation-building a rewarding and strategic experience.

22 Racing Series: 22 Racing Series is a futuristic racing game that combines elements of Gran Turismo, Wipeout, Starcraft, and Monopoly. With real-time strategy and vehicle technologies, it offers a unique and engaging racing experience.

Celestial: Celestial is an MMO space-themed game that allows players to join federations, develop colonies, explore galaxies, gather resources, and engage in research and combat. It emphasizes playability, community, and financial opportunities.

CryptoCars: CryptoCars is the first NFT racing game developed by a team with experience from Gameloft and Genshin Impact. With a play-to-earn model, it lets you race, upgrade your cars, and trade materials and cars on the marketplace.

VIBEHub: VIBEHub\’s VIBEVERSE showcases VIBE NFTs in a universe where planets, spaceships, and exploration are built on the VIBE NFT Protocol. Join the VIBEIANS and explore this unique metaverse on the layer 2 solution VIBENet.

DungeonSwap: DungeonSwap is the first DeFi-RPG game on the Binance Smart Chain, offering a combination of yield farming and tabletop-RPG-style gameplay with NFTs. Dive into the world of DungeonSwap to earn DND tokens and have fun along the way.

Eternal Brawl – Viking Shield Trust adds another gem to their Play-to-Earn collection. Historical figures and their unique abilities make this card game a fascinating journey through time. It\’s a lucrative and engaging P2E experience you won\’t want to miss.

Honor of Heirs – Enter a world of magic and honor, where you can shape your battle style with the Soulstone system. Join forces with legendary heroes like Merlin and Lancelot to fight for honor and rebuild the kingdom. Trust in your partners and embark on an epic adventure.

Varsailles Heroes – This competitive PVP GameFi and Metaverse title brings blockchain governance to the forefront. It offers outstanding game design, player engagement, and a co-constructed ecosystem. Dive into the world of Versailles Heroes and become part of the future of gaming.

DRIVEZ – Turn your daily commute into a profitable adventure with this Web 3.0 NFT DAO mixed with GameFi and CommunityFi. With limited NFTs for creating new cars, it\’s time to join the community and save the world one drive at a time.

State of Survival – Lock and load for a fast-paced action thriller. Dive into the intense battles, where survival is the name of the game. Get ready for heart-pounding action and epic victories.

Anichess – A magical twist on the classic game of chess. Explore a stunning, technology-infused universe and challenge yourself with astonishing adventures. It\’s a unique blend of chess elegance and modern innovation.

SleeFi – Transform your sleep into earnings with this innovative Web3 lifestyle app. Earn tokens while you rest, and use them in-game or cash out for profit. A game that rewards you for getting a good night\’s sleep.

Move Plus – A Web3 platform that promotes a healthier lifestyle through social interaction and real-life activities. Inspired by PokemonGo, it combines fitness and adventure, motivating millions to lead healthier lives.

Pikaster – Dive into the world of NFT-based card battles. This Play-To-Earn project focuses on fairness and strategy, offering a unique 3-token in-game economic model. It\’s a step forward in Web3 gaming.

VICMOVE – Earn crypto and NFT rewards by simply moving, whether it\’s walking, running, or cycling. Mint NFT sneakers, stay active, and reap the benefits in-game or as profits.

Midgard Saga – A casual idle card game with rich strategic elements. Customize your heroes and embark on a journey to save the kingdom. With thousands of combos and unique hero development systems, it offers endless possibilities.

Kingdom Hunter – An enticing blend of strategy and TCG genres on the blockchain. Level up, collect powerful heroes, and compete with other players while playing and earning rewards.

H-Hedz Sharksquad – Join the H-Hedz on a quest to save their planet in this unique adventure. These hammerhead shark humanoids combine work and music in a race against time and extinction.

Annihilation Mobile – Dive into intense online battles in this 5v5 and 60-player battle royale shooter. Developed by Crisis Entertainment, it\’s an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Moon Step – A Move-To-Earn app that motivates you to move and burn calories. Get active, stay healthy, and earn rewards with every step.

Haunted Space – Explore the depths of time, space, and human civilization in this profound adventure. With both single-player and multiplayer modes, it\’s a captivating journey through the stars.

Galaxy Survivor – Build your spaceship fleet, engage in epic battles, and win valuable NFTs in this immersive real-time strategy role-playing game set in a lively sci-fi universe.

MOVN – A Superapp that encourages physical activity while providing access to a wide range of services, from fitness bookings to Game-Fi and DeFi. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and have fun while earning.

Runnect – Join the community to create healthy habits through running, swimming, GYM, and cycling activities. Stay motivated, track your progress, and achieve your fitness goals.

Web3 Games List

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Web3 games?

Web3 games are a new breed of video games that leverage blockchain technology and decentralized networks to introduce novel gaming experiences. These games allow players to own, trade, and interact with in-game assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and earn cryptocurrency rewards while playing. They blend traditional gaming elements with blockchain technology, creating a unique fusion of entertainment and finance.

How do I get started with Web3 games?

To get started with Web3 games:

  1. Set up a Crypto Wallet: You\’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to store and manage your digital assets. Popular options include MetaMask and Trust Wallet.
  2. Purchase Cryptocurrency: Acquire cryptocurrency (usually Ethereum) through a reputable exchange like Coinbase or Binance.
  3. Connect Your Wallet: Link your wallet to the Web3 game of your choice. This enables you to interact with the game\’s NFTs and crypto rewards.
  4. Explore Web3 Games: Browse our catalog of Web3 games and select one that interests you. Start playing and immerse yourself in this exciting new gaming ecosystem.

What are NFTs in Web3 games?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets that represent ownership of in-game items, characters, or other virtual collectibles. In Web3 games, NFTs are often used to provide players with true ownership of their in-game items, allowing them to buy, sell, or trade these assets both within and outside the game.

How can I earn cryptocurrency in Web3 games?

You can earn cryptocurrency in Web3 games through various means, including:

  • Achievements and Challenges: Completing in-game achievements and challenges often rewards you with cryptocurrency tokens.
  • NFT Ownership: Owning valuable NFTs can grant you a share of the game\’s revenue or provide opportunities to earn through trading.
  • Participating in Game Economies: Engage in in-game economies by buying, selling, and trading NFTs to accumulate cryptocurrency.
  • Game-specific Rewards: Some Web3 games offer unique rewards tied to their gameplay mechanics, encouraging active participation.

Are Web3 games safe and secure?

Web3 games built on reputable blockchain platforms like Ethereum benefit from the inherent security features of blockchain technology. However, it\’s essential to exercise caution and conduct due diligence when interacting with Web3 games. Stick to well-established games, verify the credibility of the developers, and be mindful of potential scams in the cryptocurrency space.

How do I play Web3 games?

To play Web3 games:

  1. Find Web3 Games: You can discover Web3 games on various platforms or marketplaces that specialize in blockchain-based games.
  2. Connect Your Wallet: Similar to getting started, connect your crypto wallet to the game to start playing and interacting with NFTs.
  3. Understand Gameplay Mechanics: Familiarize yourself with the game\’s mechanics, objectives, and features to enhance your gaming experience.
  4. Start Playing: Dive into the game and explore the unique elements that set Web3 games apart from traditional gaming experiences.

Where can I find Web3 games?

You can find Web3 games on specialized platforms, marketplaces, or through game developer announcements. Explore blockchain gaming platforms, marketplaces like OpenSea, and developer websites.

Why are Web3 games fun?

Web3 games offer a unique and engaging experience by combining gaming with ownership and financial rewards. The ability to own in-game assets as NFTs and earn cryptocurrency adds an additional layer of excitement and incentives for players.

Who is developing Web3 games?

Several game development companies and independent developers are involved in creating Web3 games. Notable studios include Gala Games, Axie Infinity\’s Sky Mavis, The Sandbox, and many more independent game development teams working on innovative blockchain-based games.

Is Web3 gaming the future?

Web3 gaming represents a promising future in the gaming industry. As blockchain technology continues to evolve and gain wider adoption, Web3 games are anticipated to become more immersive, interconnected, and financially rewarding. They have the potential to revolutionize both gaming and the digital economy, providing players with unprecedented opportunities and experiences.