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NFT, which stands for \”Non Fungible Token,\” is a new technology that lets users trade virtual items on the blockchain. Enjin Coin put out the first generation of NFT games in 2017.

You have probably already heard about NFTs and NFT games, or NFT gaming. A couple of years ago, the term \”NFT\” became very popular and led to sales of millions of dollars. If you recall Nyan Cat NFT, Grimes, and many others, you know well how much money is involved in NFT. But many of us aren’t aware of what NFTs are. How do NFT games work? How do they work? What are digital assets? Let’s find the answers here in a simple manner.

What does NFT mean?

How about we start with the basics? What is an NFT? A non-fungible token—well, it does not make it any clearer. So, let’s dissect it a bit here. Non-fungible means that something is one of a kind and can\’t be replaced by anything else. Think about a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ether. These are fungible, which means you can trade one for the other and get the same thing.

On the other hand, an NFT is non-fungible, which means that you can\’t exchange it for the same NFT. Every NFT trading card is different from every other NFT trading card that has ever been made. Also, every NFT trade is recorded on a decentralized digital ledger, and the Ethereum blockchain is used by most of them. The Ethereum blockchain keeps track of who owns NFTs and when they were traded. Click here if you don\’t know what a blockchain or a blockchain game is.

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So, What can become an NFT? And What’s the Point?

NFTs can be made out of anything digital on the internet (for example, music, digital art, gifs, AI, tweets, posts, etc.) But what\’s the point of an NFT if anyone can copy, download, take a picture of, or make a copy of anything digital?

The question is real, but every original has a fake copy, a second, third, or fourth copy. But only one person has the original, so yes, there are bragging rights and flexing. Also, when you buy NFTs from your favorite artists, you are helping them out. You also get basic usage rights, such as the right to use the image online however you want.

So, what are NFT games?

NFT games reward players with NFTs that have value, are unique, and are hard to get. In the Gamefi world, these games are popular because both the people who make them and the people who play them can make money from them. Most of the NFT games use smart contracts based on Ethereum and BNB. In-game NFTs come in many shapes and sizes. Some games, like CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity, Cryptoblades, etc., have collectible characters, while others, like Sorare, Gods Unchained, and others, have collectible cards.

How do NFTs Work in NFT Games?

NFT games have their own rules, systems, and ways for players to interact with each other. In a game, you might be able to make your avatar character into an NFT. You might also be able to turn digital assets or items you find in the game into NFTs, or you might even be able to make your own creation into an NFT. But if you want to make, trade, or use an NFT, you have to follow smart contracts that spell out the rules for using NFTs.

Gods Unchained

It is a collectible NFT card game where the cards are NFTs and players have full ownership of their deck of cards. Each card in the game is unique, with different attributes, features, and traits. Some NFT cards are rare and extremely precious. Check out the game review here.

Gods Unchained – NFT Gaming

Axie Infinity

For those of you who are aware of Pokemon, the Axie Infinity NFT game is not difficult to understand. The game uses a similar model offering collectible NFT creatures. The game uses the Ethereum blockchain and provides users with earning opportunities via SLP, Axies, and AXS. Check out the game\’s short review. And if you choose to play Axie Infinity, then check out our beginner\’s guide.


Sorare is a collectible NFT card game for football/soccer fanatics where real-life soccer players\’ NFTs are available. The game offers tokenized NFT cards including super rare cards that are not easy to find. Check out the Sorare game review here to understand more about the game.

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What are Crypto Games, or what is Crypto Gaming?

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